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Hospital Partner List

Q: Why does Kohl’s support hospitals that serve kids?

A: Kohl's supports hospitals that serve kids because it's important to our customers and Associates, many of whom are parents. We created Kohl’s Cares® and the hospital partnership program to make a positive impact on the youngest members of our community. Hospitals provide many valuable services in their communities, and Kohl’s is proud to support them with additional resources needed to fulfill their mission: preventing illness and injuries.

Q: How does Kohl’s support hospitals?

A: Through partnerships focusing on community outreach, Kohl's Cares® works with local hospitals to educate and inform kids and parents about local health issues affecting their lives. From interactive school programs to health and safety fairs, families learn how to protect themselves and prevent illness and injury.

Q: Which hospitals does Kohl’s support?

A: Currently, Kohl's partners with more than 160 hospitals in the communities we serve. When we enter a new market, we partner with a local hospital that serves kids. As Kohl's grows, so does our commitment to kids.

Q: How do hospital partners use the funds raised through Kohl's Cares®?

A: Every hospital community has its own needs so Kohl’s works with each hospital to determine the best use of the funds. The hospital programs that Kohl’s supports focus on community outreach including injury prevention, immunization, asthma education and more.

Q: How does Kohl’s select a hospital partner in each new market?

A: As Kohl’s enters a new market, we look to establish a partnership with a hospital that shares our mission of keeping kids healthy. With that in mind, Kohl's further investigates the partnership opportunities using the following criteria:

  1. A children's hospital that is a member of National Association of Children's Hospitals and Related Institutions (NACHRI) within the store's Designated Marketing Area (DMA*).
  2. The following is the order of preference for a NACHRI member hospital:

    • a free-standing, nonprofit hospital generally classified as a 1-A
    • a children's hospital within a hospital generally classified as a 1-C (primary teaching)
    • an associate member
    • a support member

    * As of 2007, children's hospitals that are classified as a 1-B (specialty) by NACHRI are not considered.

    If more than one NACHRI member in a DMA:

    • 1st choice – freestanding, nonprofit (1-A)
    • If more than one freestanding (1-A) partner in same service area, then select both/all
    • Determine store designations by distance and hospital service area
    • If no distinct line can be drawn (state border, county border, service areas, etc.) and hospitals are within 10 miles of each other, divide the market donation based on the percentage of the children served in the community considering both in-patient and out-patient visits
  3. If there is not a NACHRI option within the DMA, Kohl's selects a NACHRI children's hospital in an adjacent DMA that is fewer than 100 miles from the store.
  4. If there is not a NACHRI option within the DMA, and the store is more than 100 miles to the nearest NACHRI option in an adjacent DMA, we determine next best option considering the community resources.
  5. In order of preference if there is not a NACHRI option within the DMA:

    • Select a non-NACHRI children’s hospital
    • If there is a brick and mortar clinic of a NACHRI children’s hospital in the same town, but no other children’s hospital option (NACHRI or non-NACHRI) in that DMA, then select that NACHRI partner that controls the clinic**
    • Select a Children’s Miracle Network (CMN)-supported hospital
    • Select a nonprofit general hospital that has a significant pediatric focus

    ** NACHRI partner that controls the clinic would provide details of outreach program or initiative in that community.